Torre Acqualina Skylife

Location: Acapulco, Mexico.
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza, Rafael Gamo, Hugo Sánchez
Collaborators: Mario Rojas Toledo, Adrian Betz, Santiago de la Mora, Carolina Simionato, Jesús Morones, Edson Castillo.
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Year: 2008

Acqualina Skylife Departments The Project is located in an irregular plot on the Costera Miguel Aleman, which is the main avenue in Acapulco, between the sea, the golf course and the convention center. Between the building and the sea, stand 3 apartment towers that partly block the sea view. This condition shaped the building into different rotated prisms that are oriented towards the best possible views. Since the building has no direct exit to the beach, the 104 apartments program was enriched with a series of public spaces that include a spa, a gym, squash, child and adult playing rooms, bar, pool bars, and waiting lounges. These activities are housed in different boxes whose exterior appearance and material reflect the internal use. The ground floor spaces are distributed in two levels that 
are interconnected, both visually and programmatically, by different water bodies; thus creating ponds, swimming pools, fishponds and water slopes that permit a continuous flooded public space. Abode all this, the apartment tower raises 26 levels in the Acapulco skyline. Part of the façade volumes are covered with 4 different glasses that produce a clear-translucent-opaque effect, framing the different views in the interior, while de-materializing the building in the exterior. The rest of the volumes are covered with aluminum lattice, concrete, black glass and glass mosaic, according to the internal program. The building concludes with 3 swimming pools (2 private, 1 public) that have a spectacular 100m high view of the Acapulco bay.