Zacatecas Apartments

Location: Colonia Roma, Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Samael Barrios, Luis Enrique Mendoza
Collaborators: Mayte Espinosa, Edson Castillo, Susana Arellano, Veruska Segura.
Photography: Rafael Gamo and Jaime Navarro
Awards: Bienal Miami + Beach 2007, Miami, USA. Gold Medal ex aequo. Category: collective housing. Barbara Cappochin Prize for Architecture, Rome, Italy. Special jury selection
Year: 2006

Zacatecas Departments This apartment building is located in the” Roma” a neighborhood founded around the 20’s in Mexico City. An important issue considered in the proposal, was the integration of an existing house protected by the INBA (Beaux Arts Institute) at the edge of the property. This house served to define the main axes of the project and creating a central pedestrian street
that will enhance encounter and coexistence for the neighbors. The street will become a street of lights by using glazed surfaces with different levels of transparency and translucency, reflecting sunlight.The project has 32 departments on 4 levels, in addition to the existing house that will be restored. The 9 Apartments at the top have access to private roof gardens.