Polanco Neighborhood

Location: Polanco Neighborhood, Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Hugo Sánchez
Collaborators: Jesús Morones, Santiago de la Mora
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Year: 2006

Polanco Neighborhood The building is located in the area of Polanco, a hip neighborhood in Mexico City between two parks. The project consists of three apartments and a 30’s house that has been protected by the Institute of Beaux Arts and has to be restored. The addition engages in a dialog with the existing house and the environment, reinterpreting the local buildings. Covered with a transparent skin in different blue tones and grades of transparency, all the areas receive day light and have
views towards the park. The nucleus of services is located towards the interior of the building allowing the public areas to be open. The building counts with two terraces at different levels giving the user the outside. Access to each apartment from the parking is ether by elevator or by the stairs in metal plates in a sculpture shape that complement the building, making it an interesting exercise of balance and resonance.