Legaria Complex

Location: Polanco Neighborhood, Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta
Collaborators: Hugo Sánchez, Adrian Betz, Edson Castillo, Jesús Morones Luis Enrique Mendoza, Rafael Gamo, Ramón Álvarez, Santiago de la Mora, José Barreto, Patricia Bolaños, Ximena Díaz, Susana Arellano, Luis Corona (renders)
Year: 2005

Polanco Neighborhood This wont competition consists on the development of 570 apartments of middle class, settled on an irregular plot of 10,000m2. The site is located in front of a cemetery, being separated with a high flow traffic highway of Mexico City. The project is resolve in apartments from 60 to 120m2 in order to have some variety of sizes for the future clients. The 10,000m2 was reduced because of the restrictions in the zone, which indicates: a set-back of 12m in front of the highway “Rio San Joaquin” and 6 over “Legaria” the other street. Other restriction request was to donate a 50% of the plot for green spaces and 10% as public area. The volumetric proposal is a result from an orientation study and views, to give the best solution for future inhabitants
of the apartments. The distance between towers not only allows a better illumination, also offers privacy. The continuous volume that constantly changes the height, from 7 to 22m combined with the orientations of the plants, gives rhythm and movement to the building. The façade is a skin of modulated concrete panels, with a palette of colors that allows the caption of solar energy and reflects the light. In order to reduce cost and made an easy-to- build construction, the windows are of 3 different sizes that correspond to the size of the concrete panels.All the areas in the main floor are use for commercial spaces and amenities for the users. Also the roofs are donated for create roof-gardens that will be use by the future neighbors.