Barcelona Tower

Ubication: Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Fernando Cánales.
Collaborators: Luis Enrique Mendoza, Rafael Gamo, Santiago de la Mora, Susana Arellano, Edson Castillo, Carolina Simionato, Mario Rojas Toledo, Edgar Hernández, Luis Corona, Wendy Wuotto, Gilberto Pablos, Paulina Lapray, Bernardo Cantero. Ramon Alvarez y JN Morones Esquivel (Maqueta)
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Year: 2009

Santa Fe City, Barcelona Tower The project is located in a suburban area next to the highway that links Mexico City to Toluca. This complex consists of eleven apartment towers, each one designed by a different firm and united in its base by a linear complex that lodges parking, retail and recreational areas of the buildings. A perfect rectangular shaped prism tries to put some order to the messy area of Santa Fe. The regularity of the plant is reflected in the final volume, a
basic prism that grows like a black monolith, made of black precast concrete and gray glass.The building has 24 levels, where 22 will be for housing, with seven apartments per floor, from 80 m² to 160 m². The ground floor is used for the recreational, social and administrative areas, plus a lobby. A mid level sky lobby-terrace, perforates the building allowing views towards downtown.