Kolkata Book Fair

Location: Kolkata, India
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Samael Barrios
Collaborators: David Kimura, Gabriela Varela (Diseño grafico e imagen)
Year: 2009

Pabellón México Kolkata Book Fair 2010. Mexico was the guest country at the Kolkata Book Fair 2010 and its pavilion was located on an esplanade using a cylindrical shape as a loose element with a clear and powerful presence at the heart of the event. A red color was used to reinforce its basic geometry and refers to the use of Mexican achiote (or annatto) in India as a coloring dye for its textiles between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries.The pavilion made use of local labor and its capabilities: a bamboo structure tightened with jute, the exterior wall in dyed silk to create the
opaque effect daylight and to act as a veil on the inside that transforms into a colored lamp at nightfall. The pavilion has a patio at its center, featuring a hand-woven mat depicting the map of the world, where the conferences and cultural presentations were held. Offices were placed in a closed volume on the ground floor, while writers and editors could meet on the top floor area. Its exterior made of bamboo poles allowed light to pass through, creating an interplay of light and shadow inside. The entrance is flanked by three vertical pieces by Mexican artist Betsabé Romero.