Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Architect: Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta, Samael Barrios
Collaborators: Ivan Parra, Christian Santillano, Josue Vazquez, Ramón Álvarez
Photography: Hernán Navarro
Year: 2009

Mexican Pavilion of Bogota International Book Fair. Two main subjects were the guide lines designing the Pavilion: a wide and diverse program of activities to attend and the lack of time for it construction. These aspects were translated in a heterogeneous set of areas with differences in shapes and construction materials; although this mixture, they interact in a neutral carpet area, being connected each other by path walks made of synthetic grass in deep green.
The Pavilion is compose by seven elements: a solid box with 4 meters high and made on wood is located at the center of the space, containing the Mexican Bookshop; A black reticular structure define the crafts exhibit mounted in a series of black cubes enhancing the color and shape of the objects. The Mexican food court is defined by a lattice filled with vegetation creating green walls.