Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, E. Norten
CollaboratorsHugo Sánchez, Carlos López, Jorge Arvizu, Rubén Garnica, Claudia Marquina, Verónica Domínguez.
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Awards: XIII Bienal de Arquitectura de Quito, Ecuador First Grand Prize Design, VII Bienal de Arquitectura Mexicana Mention. 
Year: 2001

Educare. The program for the sports facilities of the EDUCARE High School in Zapopan, required us to design a new gym –that could be easily converted and used as a multi-purpose space for various school ceremonies and celebrations-, a swimming-pool, dressing-rooms, bathrooms and showers, and proper spaces for aerobic and anaerobic exercises, on the ruins on and old “adobe” warehouse and cistern. The master plan of this group of three elements, was defined by the plan of the previously existing buildings. 
The structure for the new gym was built on the existing foundations. The bold simple prism is cladded by operable white metallic panels that are automatically activated by the climatic changes –temperature, wind, rain, etcetera-, transforming the building that “breaths” and adjusts to the environmental conditions of it’s place. The upper part of this volume is wrapped by a membrane of frosted glass planes, which together with a floating opaque plane –dropped ceiling- filters and controls the quality of the natural sunlight. This allows, as a result, a very significant saving of energy.