Changchun Poly-Theater

Location: Changchun, China
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta and Paul Peng
Collaborators: Hugo Sánchez, Michael Banak, Yazmin Ramirez, Aldo Liang, Stoney Yu, Roger Luo.
Year: 2007

Changchun Poly-Theater. Lying in the hinterland of China’s northeastern Songliao Plain, the city of Changchun has flat and open landform and continental monsoon climate. With dray and windy spring, humid, hot and rainy summer, cool and sunny autumn, cold and long winter, the city features distinct seasonal changes, the concurrent hot and rainy seasons and moderate humidity.Buildings symbolize cities. They promote the city’s image as well as displaying the cultural and architectural ideals to the world.The Poly Theater is the hub of the Changchun. The means of the design objective was to set up the cultural atmosphere of the building entertainment characters, which are maintaining original and unique qualities in the overall design. The design harmonizes to express the music and arts contained
in the building itself. The design aims to create a delicate, unique and embedded with cultural heritage. Our building will possess great visual impact, but also maintain its integrity with the surrounding landscape. Our design has met the requirements of service consultants and acoustic specialist. The auditorium is designed especially to allow sound to circulate to its maximum capacity. The main hall, the main entrance of the building is crossed with east and west 2nd entrances, to enhance the connection with buildings surrounding, which also helps to create the transparent building structure. The platform above the auditorium spreads outside, the crossed space arrangement and layout creates the flexible and reasonable traffic both inside and outside the building.