Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta
Collaborators: Emilio García, Luis Enrique Mendoza, José Barreto, Arthur Rose, Roberto Fuerte, Astrid Membrillo
Year: 2008

Andean Development Commission (CAF). The competition for the CAF is located in the southern section of Plaza Francia de Altamira, in Caracas—an important park surrounded by iconic buildings from the first half of the twentieth century.The project was not intended as an office tower or to create a large ground floor space to replace the existing public plaza. Instead, the design divided the program in two. The first part is a low volume with parking area underground and housing the commercial areas, the auditorium and the public spaces respecting the plaza’s continuity and vegetation
while connecting the surrounding neighborhoods with pedestrian walkways. The other building is supported by six structural legs that raises it above street-level so that the existing buildings retain their views and the new solution does not interfer with the pedestrian circulation. This suspended building has interior courtyards that ensure cross-ventilation and natural light for the offices, letting sunlight penetrate all the way through to the park. The building is clad in vegetation which acts as a natural shade and has a green terrace that gives users a visual connection to the park.