MTY House

Location: Monterrey
Architect: Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta. Luis Enrique Mendoza
Collaborators: Hugo Sánchez, José Barreto, Jesse Rodríguez, Susana Rodríguez, Josué Vázquez, Edgar Juárez, Giovanna Maldonado, Luis Corona, Wendy Wuotto, Valeria Llanos, Christian Santillan, Isabel Raffy. Ramón Álvarez, Jesús Morones, Luis Enrique Mendoza (model)
Photography: Jaime Navarro and Arq. Jorge Taboada
Awards: Silver Medal, XII Arquitecture Mexican Biennial. Third place, Interior National Award, AMDI 2011.
Year: 2010

MTY House The house is located in San Pedro Garza García [in northern Mexico] in a partially-wooded area that has recently been developed in 10,000 square-meter lots and with stringent environmental protection regulations. The rocky and varied topography inspired the project to be developed in a series of boxes that flow between the contours and the surrounding vegetation. The varied layout is linked through a series of textures and independent patios, creating an
interplay of light and shadow and sheltering the house from the region’s extreme climate. Different parts of the program are located in one of the volumes. Each volume is independent from the others: travertine marble, wood panels, Corten steel, u-glass or exposed concrete. The composition is regulated on an orthogonal pattern—without touching a single existing tree—in which the volumes interconnect via glass corridors, creating a “promenade” through the plot.