Luis Barragán House

Location: Mexico
Architect: -Luis Barragán 1937- Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoz
Collaborators: Susana Arellano, Ernesto Sanders
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Year: 2007

Luis Barragán House After his residence in Europe, Luis Barragan started constructing single family houses in the pure Modern style, which he will abandon later after, when he start exploring his particular architectural language that earns him the international recognition.This particular house was designed in 1937 and there wasn’t any graphic information about it in the archives of the INBA who has cataloged the house. Located in Mexico City at La Condesa Neighborhood, the house presented important deterioration mostly because of the earthquakes of 56 and 85, which affected most of the
constructions located on this area of the city. Built in two stories the house keep the original “axis-wall” that divides the house in social and service area on the main floor and organized 4 bedrooms in the first floor. These bedrooms became in one master bedroom with a small salon and the other two rooms now are used as a single space for the studio, with a balcony that has a nice view to the street. The façade was recovered with a green ceramic tiling in its base and the upper part with a stone in a cool gray color, all this old and damage skin was substituted with new material