House of Simplicity

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Year: 2008 

House of Simplicity of Philips, an electronic and technology international company, organizes every year a five-day showroom for the new products to be introduced. In 2008, they selected a complete floor which was divided en seven areas, each one designed by a Mexican architect or designer according to a set of electronic devices to be shown. We selected a set called Illusion system, composed by a flat screen, a high fidelity surround speaker and an environmental floor lamp which may change the color of the light according to the sound.The floor plan was organized as a perimeter around the building core and a technical corridor. Our pavilion was located all along the back glass façade of the building and without any other pavilion in front of ours. We expected the presence of different styles,
material and ideas from the diverse proposals. On this basis, our project worked as a clean transition area between the other pavilions, and as and object which complemented the Illusion system instead of competing with it for the attention of the public. Time was a very important issue: we had five days to build the pavilion and connect the devices, and only one day to disassemble it. For the construction, we used 8” by 4” standard pieces of acrylic, mounted over a structure of aluminum, to shape the wall and the ceiling, and a plywood floor, covered with a film similar to the acrylic, to make a high-rise floor for the wiring. After the exhibition, all the material was send to be reused in the Mexican communities that were affected by the floods that year.