Showroom GMI

Location: Querétaro
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta.
Collaborators: Hugo Sánchez, Luis Enrique Mendoza, Jesús Morones, Susana Arellano, José Barreto. Hugo Sánchez, JN Morones, Rodolfo Díaz (renders)
Year: 2007

Showroom GMI Located inside of an industrial complex close to the City of Queretaro, the project consist in a covered space for prefabricate constructive systems exhibition. The main exhibit area is complemented with sales and administrative offices, training classrooms, auditorium, dining rooms and a private exhibition area for a cars collection. Part of the client requirements for this project was to use some of his prefabricated material to show how
flexible they are and its high end. The proposal combines some prefabricated systems from GMI group with an art mural of 40 by 15 meters in crystal and metal conceive by the artist Jan Hendrix. The proposal confronted two constructive logics: agility, modulation and simplicity against delicate positioning and specific details (crystal mural); the first ones to generate the surrounding and the second to give a feeling of comfortable elegance.