Tower of the Winds

Location: Monterrey, N.L.
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza
Collaborators: José Barreto, Susana Arellano, Jesús Morones, Ramón Álvarez
Renders: Luis Enrique Mendoza, Jesús Morones, José Barreto
Year: 2007 

Tower of the Winds This competition called for a mixed-use tower to be built on a steeply-sloping lot to be an iconic LEED-certified construction for the city. The project differentiated the tower’s program and took advantage of parallel streets around the site. An entrance lobby facing the main avenue leads to the commercial area that hides the open-air parking lot behind it. The office foyer is placed above the parking area, accessed via a flying staircase above the entrance lobby. The apartments are accesible from the other street.
Both vestibules coincide in a glass volume divided lengthways to separate the different users. The offices clad in glass have a second skin of perforated prepoured concrete. The apartment block rests on this volume; the apartments are arranged linearly so that they can be cross-ventilated and have views from both sides of the building. The east and west façades are solid; the north façade uses horizontal strip windows; and the south façade has a green terrace that shades the building.