Salon du Livre at Paris

Location: Paris, Francia
Architects: Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta, Samael Barrios
Collaborators: Ramon H.Álvarez
Photography: Pierre & Gilles
Graphic Designer: David Kimura, Gabriela Varela
Year: 2009 

Mexican Pavilion for the Salon du Livre at Paris. The Mexican Pavilion for the Salon du Livre at Paris this 2009, had a strong personality and character, showing a cheerful and alive country, which owns very extensive traditions, but at the same time shows a modern and contemporary country who knows how to embrace his history.The 3 spaces were jointed with a continuous carpet of multicolor squares that was all over the spaces and streets. In this multicolor surface 
were the furniture that allowed many different uses. All the elements that were on the carpet, such as the furniture, the volumes and the mezzanine, were in MDF natural finish (a compressed wood dust, formed in panels) to contrast the multicolor of the carpet.All the furniture was cut by digital plotters and the union between the different elements was visible, giving an idea of their elements and how were assembled.