Reforma Theater

Location: Colonia Juárez, Mexico
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Hugo Sánchez, Ramón Álvarez
Collaborators: JN Morones Esquivel, Ramón Álvarez, Luís Enrique Mendoza, Samael Barrios, Edson Castillo, Rodrigo Espinosa.
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Year: 2006

Reforma Theater This is a restoration made in the interior of a theater, constructed in the middle of the last century by the architect Carlos Obregon Santacilia, as part of the main building for the Mexican Institute of Social Security. This building had a life period of fifty years, and had to be reinforced until finally the theater was destroyed by a fire. The proposal is based on the rescue of the concrete shell and the conservation of certain architectural details, that
weren’t affected by the fire and that represent the spirit of the architecture of the time that was built.All this new intervention consists in the application of elements that can easily be incorporated as new additions into the building, playing with reflections, color and transparencies of the proposed materials, the building acquire a new interior skin and character. The basement was also restored to be used as meeting rooms and a bar.