National Museum of Energy and Technology

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza
Collaborators: Fernando Polidura, Ignacio Roldan, Eduardo Verduzco, Homero González, Thalia Morales
Year: 2014

National Museum of Energy and Technology The expansion of the existing museum required to keep the structure and position of the planetarium and the original museum. The new area was conceived to reate a central patio that could be used for exterior exhibitions, events and distribution to the differrent exhibitions. Two volumes, perpendicular to the existing one, function as arms receiving the people and conecting the planetarium with the rest of the exhibition. A thin volume, floating over the other two, is the indication of access to the complex and contains temporal exhibitions.
The exibition was organized by themes and the intersection points between the volumes allow the visitants to change their route between themes or to move directly to a desired exhibition point. Besides the use of technological and interactive resources as integral part of the exhibition, the use of the exteriors as complement of the internal exhibition and as sustainable element of the building was considered.