Children's Library

Location: Mexico
Architects: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Alejandro Sánchez
Collaborators: Alfredo Cortés, Sebastián Navarro, Álvaro Rodríguez, Héctor Fuentes, Andrea García, José Manuel Estrada, Flor Rodríguez, Luis Enrique Mendoza, Magali Lara (obra artística)
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Year: 2012 

Children's Room of the City of the Books (La Ciudadela). The children´s library, located in the west part of “La Ciudadela”, can be accessed from the interior of the building or from the street, and it is sectioned by the perimeter corridor of the building. The project for this area connects both sections and guarantees the safety of the children. The section beside the street houses the Braille area, a multipurpose space, digital teaching, the toy library, and a specialized area for babies, everything organized around a patio; the second one, around a garden that connects this 
area with the central patio of the building, contains the general library and the workshop area; this differentiation of sections allows the division between playing and reading areas to avoid distractions in the last one. In its interior, bookcases and the control points are solved with independent circular elements adapted to each need that permits free flows, a general visual contact of the area, and to concentrate small groups of children inside them. The space, all in white and clear wood in the floor, makes highlight the color in the furniture and an artistic intervention.