President Masaryk Avenue

Location: Colonia Polanco, Mexico
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luis Enrique Mendoza
Collaborators: Luis Felipe Marquez, Edgar González, Mariana Ruíz, Otto Pérez, José Barreto, Damaris Aguilar, Maricarmen Cruz, Thalia, Morales, Emilio Álvarez, Ana María Martínez, Homero González, Alejandra Aguirre, Melissa Liera, Frida Rivera, Elliezer Diaz, Dillon Smith, Alejandra Suarez, Dina Méndez, Eduardo Watanabe, Rodolfo Díaz.

Photography: Jaime Navarro

Render: Ivan Rey, Fernando Polidura

Year: En proceso

Urban Regeneration of President Masaryk Avenue. Masaryk Avenue is located in Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City and It’s considered one of the most important shopping streets of Latin America where they’re located the most prestigious boutiques and restaurants in the country. This project consist in urban regeneration of Masaryk
President Avenue and seeks to rescue the value of this area as an historical heritage and urban commercial centre as retrieving a pedestrian character similar with the scheme mall and lure back population through change the urban image, and improve the use and safety, identifying the diversity of coexisting functions.