New International Airport of Mexico City

Location: Mexico City
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta
Collaborators: Mariana Ruíz, Ana María Martínez, Luis Felipe Marquez, Edgar González, Ivan Rey, Thalia, Morales, Emilio Álvarez, Homero González, Ana Laura Ochoa, Fernando Polidura, David Alba, Paulina Santoyo, Shun Nagasaka, Shawn Shin, Jason Lee, Andres Lara, Julie Gardner, Pat Askew
Year: 2014

New International Airport of Mexico City. Architecturally, the design took inspiration from the “light” of Mexico by creating opportunities throughout the design for filtered, natural light to caress the interior and create inside/outside spaces. One example of this interaction is a large, landscaped pedestrian plaza between the parking structure and the ticketing lobby that serves as a both buffer 
between vehicles and buildings, as well as creating providing a unique experience adjacent to ticketing for the departing passenger. This emphasis on light, combined with the use of interior landscaping and the judicious placement of architectural mass and transparency created a dynamic, yet calming experience for passengers and tenants alike.