Combarro Nautic Club

Location: Galicia, España
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Teresa Táboas
Collaborators: Luis Enrique Mendoza, Hugo Sánchez, Edson Castillo, Carolina Simionato, Jesús Morones, Manuel Ángel Bugaño, Gracia Agüería, José Antonio García, Eugenia Outeda.
Renders: Hugo Sánchez, Eric Barrón
Year: 2005

Combarro Nautic Club. The project is developed in an area of the Combarro harbor in Galicia, formed by a breakwater that serves a port, and docks for sailboats and small size boats. The aim of the project was to develop a formal harbor that contains areas like: services for the boats, commercial and cultural spaces. The existing restrictions like the maximum allowed height of 2 levels, as well as the required amount of square meters of commerce and services that are needed to make the project profitable, lead the proposal into a formal treatment as a big block that sits on a platform and that is cut by open areas for circulation. The required parking area is located in the basement. The access is a perforation of the volume, having on one side the school
building, the dressing rooms and next to it the area of services for the boats; this solution leaves the busier areas close to town. As we penetrate we find commercial areas and the pub-bar. In the middle of the platform the block is cut by a piazza that goes from side to side, allowing views towards the port and the ocean. Next to the plaza is a restaurant with an open terrace to the harbor, and a bar and bowling alley. The tallest building houses an ethnographic museum with views to the town. Conceptually the project is treated like an oyster, having a hard rough surface on the outside obtained with carved block of granite, and a smooth interior skin with panels of stainless steel and glass.