GDL House

Location: Guadalajara
Architect: Bernardo Gómez-Pimienta, Luís Enrique Mendoza.
Collaborators: JN Morones, Daniela Legorreta, Héctor Barroso, Carlos Coronel, Ramón Álvarez y J N Morones
Photography: Jaime Navarro
Awards: Honorable Mention Architecture Biennale Mexican Official Selection CEMEX Building Award Participation in Quito Biennale 2006. Bienal Miami + Beach 2007, Miami, USA, ex aequo Silver Medal. Category: detached house
Año: 2005

GDL House The project is located on a sloped site in the suburbs of the city of Guadalajara, with a fantastic view to a beautiful green area and the city. The house is composed by two rectangular prisms one over the other and placed in a perpendicular orientation between them. The bottom prism contains the private areas and the vestibule. At the same time, this parallelogram cuts the lot creating a private courtyard of white gravel in the highest part of the site, and a garden, a terrace and a pool in the lowest, towards the view. The second volume, running parallel to the street, houses the public activities and floats over the place in
 one of its sides in a 12 meter (36 ft) cantiliver. The street elevation is clad in stone as a massive wall, while the south and west facades are glazed allowing views to the park. In the intersection of both volumes is a double-height vestibule area with a skylight and a reflective pond. The lack of walls in the second floor, the use of glass for handrails and a dinning room that is hanging in a glazed mezzanine, lets the space flow into the living room. The dinning room expands toward the roof of the bedrooms as a deck that becomes a wood volume defining the entrance.